Will Swanson


The struggle for Kenya's marginalised youth

Marginalised and jobless, desperate young men in Nairobi slums provide fertile ground for al-Shabab.


Westgate questions and Kenya's misled media

NYPD report sheds light on mall attack misinformation, while new laws bring the press in line.

Al Jazeera Correspondent

Kenyan-Somalis speak out

Members of Nairobi's Kenyan-Somali community share stories of fear and discrimination.


Somali refugees in Kenya fear early return

A plan to reintegrate some of the 600,000 Somalis in Kenya worries refugees and some local businesses.

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In Pictures: A Garissa tale

Kenyan-Somalis offer an insight into the daily challenges they encounter.


Kenya's poaching peril

Communities that have bought into conservation and tourism risk losing it all to 'new breed of poachers'.

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In pictures: Moving to end Westgate siege

Up-close with Kenya's military as it lays siege to Nairobi mall where al-Shabab gunmen hold shoppers hostage.

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Mogadishu night patrol

Security forces from Nigeria and Uganda have been helping Somali forces to oust al-Shabab fighters from the capital.