Walaa Ghussein

Human Rights

Gaza Happy video: Two years later, the joy has faded

The light-hearted video was meant to show another side of Gaza, but the territory's crisis only deepened amid 2014 war.

Humanitarian crises

Q&A: Meet the Gaza couple crowd-funding their wedding

Couple has appealed to people around the world for financial support due to Gaza's shattered economy.

Poverty & Development

Impoverished Gaza turns to crowd-funding to meet needs

Creative use of crowd-funding has helped Palestinians in Gaza raise money to study abroad or start their own businesses.

War & Conflict

British doctors treat injured in resource-strapped Gaza

One year on, Palestinians are still healing from wounds inflicted by Israel's 51-day war on Gaza.

Humanitarian crises

Gaza: A life under occupation

A decade after Israel's withdrawal from Gaza, Al Jazeera spoke with residents about how life has changed over the years.

Humanitarian crises

In one Gaza neighbourhood, a bit of colour prevails

In an unconventional response to the trauma of war, one Gaza neighbourhood has been transformed with colour.

Humanitarian crises

Gaza's energy crisis increases risk of fires

Primitive heating devices have led to serious burns and deaths, with children particularly at risk, doctors say.


Gaza: Egypt decision 'benefits Zionist policy'

Hamas rejects Egyptian court ruling declaring the group a terrorist organisation, as Gaza residents turn out to protest.

Human Rights

Gaza start-ups aim to break the siege

While tensions run high in the Palestinian enclave, so do the hopes and ambitions of Gaza's young entrepreneurs.

Middle East

Outrage in Gaza over suspension of reconstruction funds

Gaza residents say UNRWA decision to cut rebuilding funds is disastrous.


Palestine copes with deep freeze

Storm Huda has brought heavy snow in Ramallah and flooding in Gaza, with several deaths reported.


The practice of healing in Gaza

Women traumatised by the summer war say stress-reduction techniques, such as yoga, are helping them cope.