Urvashi Sarkar

Human Rights

Kashmir: A look at the Kunan Poshpora rapes

Writers Ifrah Butt and Natasha Rather discuss the impact of militarisation on Kashmiri women and men.

Middle East

The bookseller saving Jerusalem's Palestinian identity

Stripped of their rights, the last wall of Palestinian resistance is culture, says owner of a Jerusalem bookshop.

Middle East

Janna Jihad: Meet Palestine's 10-year-old journalist

Janna Jihad Ayyad believes it is her duty to record Israeli injustices throughout the occupied West Bank and beyond.


India urged to use close Israeli ties for Palestine

Critics lament New Delhi's fading pro-Palestinian stance at solidarity convention as Israel relations flourish.

International Women's Day

Poll: Indian Muslim women want end to verbal divorce

Over 92 percent of women surveyed want total ban on practice allowing men to divorce by uttering word "talaq" thrice.