Umar Farooq


Pakistan's sedition sweep in Gilgit-Baltistan

Dozens of activists have been charged with sedition for calling for greater self-rule in the mountainous region.

War & Conflict

Pakistan's war and loss of hope for those displaced

About one million people were forced from their homes by Operation Zarb-e-Azb a year ago - and few are able to return.

Middle East

Raqqa: 'It is a very sad life under ISIL'

Residents fleeing Raqqa give testimonies of what life is like under ISIL.


Turkey's Alevis beholden to politics

Turkey has ruled to recognise Alevis' places of worship but there are worries over the outcome of this decision.

Asia Pacific

Chinese Uighurs defy Ramadan ban

The government's attempt to clamp down on religious expression has backfired among Uyghurs.


'Roof of the World' rebels against Pakistan

Protests over poor public services have escalated into challenges to Islamabad's rule in rugged northern territory.


Pakistan's FATA: Lawless no more?

Tribes in Pakistan's FATA region are struggling to repeal a colonial-era, collective punishment law.


The return of Pakistan's Balochi tribesmen

A new generation of Balochi nationalists has emerged, eight years after the death of rhe movement's leader.