Tarek Bazley

With more than 15 years' experience as a journalist, Tarek has reported from around the world, visiting dozens of countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. He has covered elections, wars and revolutions but now focuses on the way innovations in science and technology are changing the world, the disruptions caused by the digital revolution and, in particular, how these changes are transforming lives.

Science & Technology

Antarctica: Sea creature could shed light on climate change

The discovery was an accident, but it could change our understanding of climate change.

United Kingdom

Experts warn of new cyber-attack threats

Wanna Cry virus locked data and demanded a ransom on more than 200,000 computers in 150 countries.


New drug can reduce maternal deaths 'by a third'

Trial involving 20,000 women showed deaths from excessive bleeding after giving birth reduced by 30 percent.


Wikipedia cofounder launches Wikitribune to combat fake news

The cofounder of online encyclopedia Wikipedia is turning his hand to the news by launching Wikitribune – a new kind of online publication.


Winners of Goldman Environmental 2017 Prize Announced

For the past 27 years, the San Francisco-based Goldman Environmental Foundation has awarded annual prizes to grassroots activists. The $170,000 awards are given each year to six individuals - one from each of the world's six geographic regions.

Science & Technology

Facebook taps into growing augmented-reality market

The augmented reality game Pokemon Go was a global hit on smartphones last year. Now, Facebook wants to use the same technology to grow its platform.

Science & Technology

Black hole hunters pleased with first attempt

Scientists around the world are working to capture an elusive image of a black hole for the first time ever.

US & Canada

Google shuts down new Burger King ad

A marketing stunt by a major fast-food chain is raising more concerns about digital privacy. Google has acted quickly to stop a Burger King TV advertisement from activating one of its home assistance devices.

Middle East

Autism Awareness Day: Student success stories in Doha

Millions around the world have some form of autism, but understanding of the condition behind autism remains limited. Qatar is helping to change that by investing in training and research centres so that kids can integrate into normal schools and society

Latin America

Wildlife flourishes on an untouched Chile island

An international team of scientists has sailed thousands of kilometres from Australia to Antactica - and finally to Chile - to try and better understand climate change.

Science & Technology

Penguins on the move in a warming world

No animal is more iconic of Antarctica than the penguin, but now there is evidence global warming is forcing some colonies to move.