Tamila Varshalomidze

Tamila Varshalomidze is a journalist with more than seven years of experience with top international news organisations.

She has been a member of Al Jazeera English's online team since January 2013.

Tamila was at the forefront of the web team's coverage of the Ukrainian uprising and the conflict that followed.

Tamila previously worked as a TV news producer for the Associated Press in London, UK.

She has a Master's degree in multimedia journalism from UK's Bournemouth University. 


A conflict of faith between Russia and Ukraine

The political and military conflict is playing out in churches across Ukraine, as some split from the Moscow Patriarchy.

US & Canada

US Muslim advocacy group office evacuated over threat

Council on American-Islamic Relations receives "foreign substance" in mail, prompting police investigation.


India's Modi spoofed over doctored photograph

Meme spreads after publication of manipulated photo of prime minister surveying flood damage from helicopter.

War & Conflict

Ukraine divided - stories from warring sides

The relationship between ethnic Ukrainians and ethnic Russians may be the greatest casualty of the Ukrainian crisis.


Why Georgians in a remote valley are joining ISIL

Wahhabi influence has grown in Georgia's Pankisi valley, where young men and women yearn to wage holy war in Syria.


Moscow rally against Russia's Syria strikes falls short

Only 150 people join protest in Russian capital against country's military involvement in Syrian conflict.

War & Conflict

Cartoon war over Russia's role in Syria

Supporters and critics of Putin's intervention wage fierce war - using caricature as ammunition.

War & Conflict

An ageing Cinderella and a changed Donetsk

The rebel-administration, and the people, are cautious in the Ukrainian city as change takes hold and business suffers.

War & Conflict

Foreign students face uncertain future in east Ukraine

Those studying medicine in rebel-held Donetsk now risk being left without internationally recognised degrees.


Georgians guide Ukraine's reforms path away from Russia

Kiev grants Ukrainian nationality to Georgia's ex-president and his team, charging them "to make impossible possible".

Human Rights

UN concerned for non-Slav persons in Russia

Report says racism and xenophobia are rampant in country that needs to act against wide range of rights abuses.


Interactive: Russia's foreign military bases

Russia has set up several new stations for its forces in post-Soviet states while maintaining some of its older bases.