Subina Shrestha

Subina Shrestha began her career in newspapers, and then became a documentary film maker. Her films have received several awards and been screened at festivals worldwide. She started working in TV news after Al Jazeera English launched in 2006 and has worked in several countries including India, Thailand and Myanmar. She won the Concentra Award for Outstanding Video Jouralism for her coverage of the aftermath of Cyclone Nargis.

Subina lives and works in her native Nepal and focuses on social issues, as well as on the political changes gripping the country.


The seasons have changed but Nepal has yet to recover

One year after Nepal was devastated by an earthquake, desperate villagers wait for government funding to rebuild.


Making sense of Nepal's protests

Demonstrators in Kathmandu demand federalisation but many believe it is tantamount to fragmenting the country.


Nepal earthquake's open wounds

The tremors might have stopped, but even after a year fear has not left many in a country of dysfunctional government.


Nepal's challenge of ending child marriage

Despite ban, an estimated 41 percent of girls in the country are married before they turn 18.


High Olympic hopes for Nepal's taekwondo team

Medal in 1988 has boosted sport's popularity and given rise to a generation of champions despite the limited facilities.


Nepal earthquake survivors face winter's cold

Aid efforts remain slow as local villagers brace for freezing conditions nine months after devastating earthquake.


Nepal anti-constitution protests turn violent

Himalayan nation set to adopt controversial charter despite weeks of demonstrations against planned devolution of power.

Arts & Culture

Nepal families join festival to remember dead relatives

With over 9,000 people killed by April's powerful earthquake, this year's Gai Jatra festival is especially poignant.

Humanitarian crises

Reopening Nepal's heritage sites

The Nepalese government has reopened heritage sites to visitors following the earthquake that shattered the country.

Humanitarian crises

The story I wish I never had to tell

The Nepal earthquake is a big story for most journalists, but for me, it's my life … thrown upside down.


Nepal's orphans: fighting child trafficking

It has come to light that orphanages in Nepal have been involved in trafficking children for international adoption.


Nepal crowd funding saves people's lives

Amid a dearth in decent healthcare services in Nepal, crowd-funded Bayalpata hospital is changing that for better.