Suadad al-Salhy

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ISIL's fall in Tikrit may show the way for Iraqi army

US role in campaign angered Shia militias, but Iraqi government forces still succeeded in expelling ISIL from Tikrit.

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After ISIL: What Tikritis found when they came home

With ISIL pushed from the countryside near Tikrit, many locals are returning to find their property destroyed.

War & Conflict

Can ISIL be defeated in Tikrit?

The battle for Tikrit is crucial to win the war against ISIL.

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The full story behind ISIL's takeover of Mosul Museum

Iraqi archaeologists say ISIL looted the museum before destroying it, but many artefacts were stored safely elsewhere.

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Sunni boycott threatens reconciliation efforts in Iraq

Sunni politicians say they will reconsider parliamentary boycott if government agrees to create a Sunni fighting force.

Human Rights

Vox Pops: New hope with no curfew in Baghdad

Baghdad residents are celebrating the lifting of a night curfew imposed a decade ago during the Iraq War.

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Fighting for Iraq's National Guard

A proposed force to fight ISIL could pave the way for the country's disintegration, Iraqi lawmakers warn.

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Millions of Iraqis displaced by ISIL

Throughout 2014, more than two million Iraqis were forced to seek refuge in other areas of the country.


'ISIL is losing': Iraqis optimistic for 2015

Circumstances of battle have changed in favour of Iraqi troops since June, local security officials say.

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Iraq's Sunnis may seek Iran help against ISIL

Desperate for arms and military training to fight ISIL, Sunni tribes were considering Iranian assistance as an option.

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Iraqi army to raid ISIL fighters' 'hub'

Iraqi government is shifting priority to win the battle of Salahaddin, a hub for ISIL fighters.

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Iran advisers boost anti-ISIL battles in Iraq

Security officials say advisers from Iran have played a key role in Iraq's recent victories against ISIL fighters.