Steven Borowiec

South Korea

North Korea and mounting tensions: The view from Seoul

In South Korea, many ask whether the US could launch military action against the North without first consulting Seoul.

South Korea

After Park's ouster, what is next for South Korea?

Many South Koreans hope that Park's impeachment will herald a fresh start for the country's politics.

South Korea

Pyeongtaek: A US base, Americana in rural South Korea

As it gears up to host a huge US overseas base, the city is a window on to fraught relations between locals and troops.

South Korea

The debate over South Korea's 'comfort women'

Academic Park Yu-ha has disputed the widely held narrative of sexual slavery and victimisation under Japan during WWII.


A diver's pain: Living with the ghost of Sewol tragedy

More than two years after Sewol ferry disaster in South Korea, rescue workers are still recovering from the trauma.