Simona Foltyn

Simona Foltyn is an independent journalist covering East Africa. You can follow her on Twitter: @simonafoltyn

South Sudan

South Sudan's displaced face hunger

Hunger and conflict force tens of thousands to abandon their fields and migrate north to Sudan.

Human Rights

Ethiopia: Oromo protests continue amid harsh crackdown

Protesters continue to clash with security forces in what has spiralled into Ethiopia's largest unrest in decades.

War & Conflict

South Sudan: Coffee in a time of war?

South Sudan farmers must choose between feeding the war-torn nation or profiting from lucrative international markets.

South Sudan

Q&A: UN mission chief on challenges of S Sudan peace

Ellen Margrethe Loj discusses difficulty of UN mission as Security Council deploys another 1,100 troops to the country.

War & Conflict

Conflict persists despite South Sudan peace deal

Tensions have burst into violence in Western Equatoria state with more than 100 people reportedly killed since May.

War & Conflict

South Sudan's half a peace agreement

A rift among rebel factions stymies peace negotiations as President Kiir requests two week extension to sign agreement.

War & Conflict

Independent South Sudan’s economic woes

Businesses in Juba struggle to survive as the country's economy contracts eighteen months into conflict.

War & Conflict

Divided and desperate along South Sudan's front-line

Renewed fighting between government and rebel forces cuts off Shilluk tribe on the Nile River with many eager for aid.


Ethiopia's ruling party sweeps elections

The EPRDF and its allies have so far won all of 442 seats declared amid claims that opponents' supporters were harassed.


Development and democracy debate ahead of Ethiopia vote

Opposition critics say May 24 elections will not be free and fair, but the government praises the democratic climate.

Business & Economy

Ethiopia: Booming business, underpaid workers

Low wages have attracted foreign players to the poor African country, but labourers are hoping for better salaries.


Austrian youth flocking to ISIL

European nation hit by a wave of Islamophobia as many young fighters join ISIL in Syria and Iraq.