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West Bank: Reading for fun in Palestine

A Nablus school that won a $1m reading award hopes to get children off smartphones to read books.

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Palestinians mourn final Cremisan Valley olive harvest

Extension of Israel's separation wall will soon cut Palestinians off from the valley's distinctive olive groves.

Middle East

'Journalism is a dangerous job for Palestinians'

Israel is currently imprisoning more than two dozen Palestinian journalists, most without charges or trial.

Middle East

Israeli settlement expansion 'a war on the mind'

As Gilo settlement continues to expand in the occupied West Bank, Palestinians are losing hope of reclaiming their land.

Middle East

Khalida Jarrar: A lifelong quest to heal Palestine

Recently released from Israeli prison, the Palestinian politician says she will never stop pushing for social change.

Middle East

Ramadan 'a month of mourning' for Palestinian mother

With her husband dead and her three children in Israeli detention, Sanaa Balbul has spent the holiday alone.

Middle East

Israel's water cuts: West Bank 'in full crisis mode'

Israel stands accused of using 'water as a weapon' as some West Bank homes have gone without water for a week.

Arts & Culture

Palestinian learns to make recycled art in prison

A young Palestinian pays his way through university selling recycled art he learned to make while in an Israeli prison.

Middle East

West Bank: Activists use Facebook to halt Israeli raids

Residents of West Bank refugee camps take to social media to warn their neighbours of imminent Israeli incursions.

Middle East

Palestinian without ID: 'It's like I don't exist'

Israel refuses to grant an ID number to Khalid Yasin, even though he has lived in the West Bank for over two decades.

Middle East

Critics slam Israeli proposal for dual legal system

"Norms Bill" would ensure that laws passed in Israel would immediately apply to settlements, but not to Palestinians.

Middle East

Meet the youngest Palestinian female prisoner

D* al-Wawi speaks to Al Jazeera about her time in Israeli prison.