Shaikh Azizur Rahman

Human Rights

Iron Lady of India: Sharmila trades hunger for politics

After facing harsh criticism for ending her hunger strike, Irom Sharmila seeks support as she plans to run for office.


In India's 'arsenic belt', water project brings relief

West Bengal long suffered cancerous effects of arsenic-laced water, but projects to provide clean water show promise.

In Pictures

In Pictures: Sweet side of Indian polls

Confectioners in Indian city of Kolkata make a killing by selling uniquely-designed nirbachoni mishti or poll sweets.


Indian surrogate mothers suffer exploitation

Initiative in Chennai aims to cut out middlemen and get women who carry and deliver children for others a better deal.


Muslims, Modi and divided India

A cross-section of Muslims share their views, as BJP's prime ministerial candidate woos them for their votes.


Jury still out on Indian gang rape

Kangaroo courts run by village elders come under scanner following gang rape of woman as "punishment" in West Bengal.


Reporters face jail over Rohingya report

Thailand's navy has accused journalists of defamation after a report alleged it helped human traffickers.


Muslim protest stalls Taslima Nasreen serial

Launch of Indian TV serial scripted by controversial Bengali author deferred overs fears of unrest.


Muslims masquerade as Hindus for India jobs

Facing religious discrimination in the Hindu-dominated job market, many are forced to assume fake identities.

Poverty & Development

Madrassas in India attract Hindu students

Islamic seminaries with modern curriculum in eastern Indian state of West Bengal are helping to bridge religious divide.

In Depth

The stolen children of India

Heart-rending story of parents seeking to get back children snatched from them and then sent for adoption abroad.


The storm over Virgin Mary statue

Icon in local woman's attire revives debate over religious conversions in eastern India amid calls for its removal.