Samir Bennis

Samir Bennis is a political analyst with more than eight years of experience as a political adviser with an Arab mission to the United Nations in New York. He is the co-founder of Morocco World News, and an expert on Morocco's foreign policy, UN-related issues and the Maghreb. 


Why Morocco chose to be neutral on the Gulf crisis

Morocco's decision to stay neutral in the GCC crisis shows its political savoir-faire and independent foreign policy.

Middle East

Moroccan pragmatism: A new chapter for Western Sahara

Morocco is better positioned than ever to protect its interests in Western Sahara after returning to the African Union.


Moroccans have lost trust in their politicians

As long as politicians are not held accountable, many Moroccans will shy away from taking part in the political process.

Western Sahara

Making sense of the recent tension in Western Sahara

Morocco has chosen to remain silent in order to not escalate tensions with the UN.

War & Conflict

Morocco and Mauritania's rocky relations

What further strained relations is that the Mauritanian president began to give this tension a personal dimension.