Safeeyah Kharsany

Safeeyah Kharsany is an online journalist with Al Jazeera English. She has covered South Africa and other parts of Sub-Saharan Africa and reports on human rights, women's issues and social justice.

Human Rights

Displaced migrants fear transfer from S Africa camp

Migrants in a displacement camp in Kwa-Zulu Natal province fear repatriation and future uncertainties.


Uneasy calm in Johannesburg after anti-immigrant riots

Police on alert in South Africa's business hub after violence leaves eight dead and displaces more than 1,000.

Nigeria Decides

Nigeria Decides: The need-to-know

Africa's most populous country goes to the polls on March 28 to elect a president. And it's too close to call.


How the twin hostage crises unfolded

Three armed men and several hostages die, as assault by French police ends sieges at two different locations.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi accepts 181 UN human rights proposals

Saudi Arabia accepts majority of 225 recommendations but Amnesty International says its actions must match its words.


Echoes of a man much-loved

Al Jazeera speaks to Nelson Mandela's peers who shared their memories of a leader who fought to unite a nation.

South Africa

Mandela: Beyond the myth

A look at what it was about the man, Nelson Mandela, that made him a leader for all times.


Mandela's revolutionary road

Nelson Mandela's journey to freedom for South Africa


Murmurs in the corridors of Afro-Arab power

With some 71 countries represented, the media's analysis of the African-Arab Summit remains vital.

Middle East

Africa-Arab summit ends with terrorism focus

Kuwait Declaration presented at end of summit says leaders want "stronger ties to combat terrorism".


Egypt and Ethiopia leaders meet over Nile row

First talks on Ethiopia's plan to dam the Nile since Egypt's Mansour took power end without agreement in Kuwait.

South Africa

Zimbabwean refugees: Between haven and hell

Zimbabweans continue to flock to South Africa where local churches provide them with food and education.