Ryan Rifai

US & Canada

Q&A: The man running to be US' first Muslim governor

Arab American doctor Abdul El-Sayed on why he believes he is best suited to cure Michigan's crises.


UN: 200,000 die each year from pesticide poisoning

Report says pesticides are having 'catastrophic impacts' on human health and environment while failing to end hunger.

Press Freedom

US suit filed as journalists, lawyers face riot charges

Lawsuit against DC police alleges "indiscriminate" arrests after protests turned violent during Trump's inauguration.


Study linking Roundup to serious disease fuels debate

UK scientists say a first-ever long-term study shows popular weed-killer Roundup caused severe liver damage in rats.


KKK members leave Klan after befriending black musician

Daryl Davis talks to Al Jazeera about how his efforts to reach out to white supremacists led to many renouncing racism.

Syrian Refugees

Reports of Turkey border guards killing Syrians denied

Senior Turkish official rejects accusations that dozens of Syrian refugees were killed this year trying to cross border.


US hate incidents spike after Donald Trump elected

Civil rights group tracks nearly 900 cases of assaults, intimidation, and harassment in 10 days after election win.


US sees largest protests calling for $15 minimum wage

Hundreds arrested after "Fight for $15" rallies take place in cities and at some airports across the United States.


US scientists find new way to convert CO2 to green fuel

Unexpected discovery that produces ethanol could be a "building block" towards creating a low-carbon energy system.


Growing food with seawater and solar power

World's first mass-scale facility that grows tomatoes without soil, fresh water, or fossil fuels launches in Australia.

Science & Technology

US scientists test tiny water purifier powered by light

Stanford University team says device harnesses UV rays and visible light at unprecedented rate to kill bacteria.

Humanitarian crises

Syria's White Helmets nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Volunteer rescue and humanitarian group that braves daily bombings is credited with saving tens of thousands of people.