Ruth Sherlock

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For Libyan rebels, a poignant homecoming

With much of Tripoli in rebel hands, fighters and exiles alike return to a city they haven't seen in months.


Libya: 'We win or we die'

Libyan rebels continue their struggle against Muammer Gaddafi loyalists; for the rebels it is a matter of life or death.


Unlucky camel finds Libya's largest minefield

A civilian team with pool cues and little training unearths more than 500 mines laid by Gaddafi's forces near Misurata.


Cruise ship of hope sails for Misurata

A commercial ferry carries residents, medical supplies and food to the besieged Libyan city.


Raids and rebellion in Benghazi

In the fog of war, pro-democracy forces are having a hard time determining friend from foe.


Radio Free Libya transmits live from Misurata

Despite death threats and bombs, Radio Free Libya continues its rebel broadcasts in support of the revolution.


The 'grand lions' of Libya

Gaddafi's troops may be better armed, but rebels in Misurata say their morale is higher.


Organised but overwhelmed in Misurata

Rebels in the Libyan city have set up a council, foodstalls and road blocks, but the number of casualties is rising.


A perilous journey to Misurata

Sometimes, just getting to the front lines can be the most hazardous part of a journey in Libya.


Gaddafi gives and he takes

Gaddafi once gave the remote village of Swahat all that it needed, but the villagers have now fled, fearing his wrath.