Royce Kurmelovs

Human Rights

Australia: 'She died because she was a black woman'

Inquest into the death of Aboriginal woman in police custody underscores Australia's indigenous imprisonment problem.


Questions raised over Australia work-for-welfare scheme

Australia's plan to make welfare recipients work for their government payments goes under the microscope.

Business & Economy

Uber drives home defiance amid Australia crackdown

Global ride-sharing company Uber has faced growing legal pressure in Australia but continues to steer its course.


#RefugeesWelcome: Australians demand a softer stance

Candlelight vigils are drawing large crowds of supporters urging government compassion for desperate refugees.


Australia by-election could dictate PM's fate

This month's local vote is viewed as a litmus test on Tony Abbott's leadership of the beleaguered Liberal Party.

Human Rights

Locking up Aboriginal children in Western Australia

Young Aboriginal people in the state of Western Australia are 53 times more likely to be detained than peers.

Asia Pacific

Desalination plants key to Perth water security

Constant drought risk has pushed the dry city of Western Australia to become a world leader in water management.


Australia: The fight to decriminalise prostitution

While other states have legalised sex work, South Australia still has some of the most repressive laws on the books.


Crime and punishment: Women in Australian prison

Incarceration rates have surged with critics saying prisons are failing to rehabilitate and reintegrate offenders.

Human Rights

Stopping migrant boats Australia style

Australian PM Abbott urges the EU to take a tougher stance on migrants after hundreds drown in the Mediterranean.

War & Conflict

Australia: The making of a foreign fighter

Per capita Australia remains one of the biggest contributors of foreign troops to the conflicts in Syria and Iraq.


Australia's national security law and Muslim concerns

Prime Minister Tony Abbott says civil liberties must be sacrificed in order to protect Australians from attacks.