Rosiland Jordan

Rosiland Jordan joined Al Jazeera in 2008 and covers the US State and Defence Departments - in other words, diplomacy and warfare. Prior to Al Jazeera, she covered the White House for NBC News and Tribune Broadcasting.

Rosiland was nominated for an Emmy in 2005 for her work on NBC's 2004 presidential election night coverage. She also won a regional Associated Press award for her reporting on the US immigration debate for a public radio station in 2007.

Among her most memorable moments, Rosiland recalls interviewing then-Senator Barack Obama and his wife Michelle on the April day in 2008 when they realised his win in the North Carolina primary election was tantamount to his winning the Democratic party nomination for the presidency.

Asia Pacific

US warns UN Security Council on North Korea

North Korea has unsuccessfully test-fired another missile, just hours after it was warned not to at a Security Council meeting in New York.

Asia Pacific

UN calls for calm over US-North Korea tensions

The United Nations has called for restraint amid increasing tensions between North Korea and the US over nuclear weapons.

US & Canada

US pushes for overhaul of UN peacekeeping missions

Funding for peacekeeping operations is under the spotlight at the United Nations. The top contributor, the United States, says it’s paying too much and wants an overhaul of the system.

United States

US sets out priorities as it assumes Security Council presidency

The United States has not chaired the United Nations Security Council since December 2015.


UN chief raises alarm on Somalia crisis

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres says rich countries must do more to stop drought-stricken Somalia from succumbing to famine. Guterres is in Somalia on an emergency trip to draw attention to the crisis.

War & Conflict

OSCE head Lamberto Zannier discusses the Ukraine crisis

Secretary General Lamberto Zannier discusses the future of the Organization for Security Cooperation in Europe.

Guantanamo Bay

Fifteen years on, 9/11 trials still 'years away' from starting

Fifteen years after September 11, the trials of those detained in connection to the attacks are far from over. In fact, they haven't even begun.

Arts & Culture

When a museum becomes human

Many pieces on display in the new Smithsonian museum of African American history were donated by "ordinary people".

Human Rights

US torture lawsuit: CIA contractors head to court

Torture survivors sue psychologists who designed programme described as brutal, physically harmful and not effective.

Human Rights

What more can US do to help displaced Syrians?

Despite criticism, the US has been involved in the humanitarian response from the early days of the civil war.

US & Canada

Cuba wants US to hand back Guantanamo Bay base

The US naval base is a hotly debated issue between the United States and Cuba as the two countries normalise relations.

War & Conflict

Blog: Is the US doing enough for families of hostages?

Aid worker's family expresses "disappointment" in government after Obama says he was killed by US drone strike.