Rory Challands

Rory Challands is a journalist based in London who has experience working for some of the UK's most respected broadcasters.


Russian theme park re-enacts World War II

A military theme park in Russia has rewound the clock back to 1945, re-enacting the events of World War II.


Russia bans Jehovah’s Witnesses

Russia's Supreme Court has ruled Jehovah's Witnesses an 'extremist' group. This will effectively shut the organisation down at the national and regional level, and the government will seize their assets.


Beslan school siege: Russia 'failed to prevent' 2004 massacre

Russia says it will appeal against a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights that said the government failed to prevent the 2004 Beslan school massacre.


Massive 'anti-terrorism' rally held in Moscow

In Moscow, thousands turned out at an 'anti-terrorism' rally. Russian police say they've found explosives similar to those used in a suicide attack this week on the St Petersburg metro.


Kyrgyzstan identifies St Petersburg metro blast suspect

Kyrgyzstan's intelligence agency has identified a suspect in the attack on St Petersburg’s subway system. Fourteen people were killed and dozens wounded in the blast. Al Jazeera’s Rory Challands reports from St Petersburg.


Flight attendants sue Aeroflot for beauty discrimination

A number of flight attendants of the Russian airline Aeroflot are suing the company over discrimination for not meeting unrealistic aesthetic standards.


Syrian opposition refuses to attend Astana talks

The first day of the Astana talks on the six-year-old Syrian war wrapped up without the participation of the armed opposition.

Middle East

Syria’s war: Turkey and Russia vow to cooperate

The war in Syria has dominated talks between former foes Turkey and Russia in Moscow on Friday, President Putin expressed some optimism about a peace deal.


Russian dissident Ildar Dadin freed from jail

Russia's Supreme Court has ordered the release of Ildar Dadin, an opposition activist. He was jailed in 2015 after becoming the first person to be convicted under new laws on protests.

US Elections 2016

Donald Trump viewed from Russia: A potential friend

Russian state media make no secret of who Moscow wants to win the US presidential election.

Arts & Culture

Soviet-era cinema: Preserving the old classics

Soviet-era films, domestic and foreign, are all now being preserved as part of the former communist country's heritage.


Many Russians feeling nostalgic for communist past

Amid a worsening economy, Kremlin seems concerned about potential resurgence of Communist party as elections near.