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War & Conflict

Wau displaced tell of death and horrifying escapes

UN warns of ethnic cleansing under way in South Sudan, survivors recount how they escaped as violence erupted in Wau.

South Sudan

South Sudan: An ever-deepening cycle of violence

Thousands of civilians have been forcefully displaced from their homes by government soldiers and militiamen.

War & Conflict

Fighting in South Sudan on eve of fifth anniversary

An increase in fighting in South Sudan is a worrying echo of events that sparked the country's bloody civil war in 2013.


South Sudan: The 3-year-old victim of renewed fighting

There were 15 children inside, hiding under the bed. The soldiers started shooting indiscriminately.

South Sudan

South Sudan: Dozens killed as violence flares in Wau

Gangs of ethnic Dinka youths accused of targeting Fertit tribe in northwest city as tens of thousands flee their homes.

Middle East

Algeria shakes up economy as oil prices plummet

Algeria is opening public companies up to private investments, but experts say new measures may be too little, too late.

War & Conflict

Riek Machar and troops to arrive in S Sudan capital

Salva Kiir and Riek Machar to reunite in S Sudan capital Juba to further implementation of national unity government.


Why Bouteflika dissolved Algeria's powerful spy agency?

President Abdelaziz Bouteflika's decision may be an attempt to reassert his primacy over the country's military elite.

Humanitarian crises

South Sudan: Portrait of a civil war refugee

"Hour after hour after hour, all they did was kill people ... I will never forget it as long as I live."


Analysis: Will the West intervene in Libya?

Amid the growing threat posed by ISIL on Europe's doorstep, Western countries have shown an "appetite for intervention".

Middle East

Libya's chance to fight off ISIL

Libya's daunting challenge is to unite its many militias to defeat ISIL.

South Sudan

Escape from Leer and South Sudan civil war

One woman's struggle to survive the South Sudan conflict in leaving behind her homeland to seek refuge in Kenya.