Renee Lewis

United States

Protesters vow to fight Donald Trump presidency

Portland activists say a grassroots movement is needed to keep president-elect's policies from coming to fruition.


Volunteers in Greece recycle refugee life vests

Project launched to make products like backpacks, shelters and raincoats out of material piling up on Lesbos' beaches.

US & Canada

Chicago police chief dismissed over fatal shooting

Mayor faces criticism over handling of black teen's death despite dismissal decision and creation of police task force.

US & Canada

Expert: Focus on KKK ignores more powerful hate groups

Many other white supremacist groups in the US are more prominent and potent than the Ku Klux Klan, expert says.


Canadian protesters target US pipeline project

Proposed expansion would triple tar sands capacity and endanger British Columbia's coastal waters, critics say.


Fighting Islamophobia in a time of ISIL

Amid concern over anti-Muslim sentiment driven by ISIL atrocities, new media efforts launched to battle stereotypes.


Criminalising homelessness in the US

Social justice groups are fighting laws that have made sitting or sleeping in public punishable offences.


Tackling climate change without governments

Investors are increasingly realizing that global warming is as real an economic threat as inflation.


Global protests 'sound the climate alarm'

Thousands march through the streets of New York City to call for carbon-free future ahead of UN summit.


Marshall Islands drowning in climate change fight

Marshall Islands president issues a call to action ahead of international climate summit next week hosted by the UN.


Japanese experts aid Canada First Nation group

Experts from Minamata, Japan check for signs of mercury illnesses in Ontario, Canada.


Digital media erodes social skills in kids: Study

Students kept from using screen-based technology for five days showed improvement in recognizing emotion, US study says.