Rahul Radhakrishnan

Rahul is a news producer with Al Jazeera English, based out of the headquarters in Doha, Qatar. He focuses on international relations and international law, media freedoms, and human rights in armed conflict.



Spy Cables

Israel's Africa policies 'an exercise in cynicism'

South African intelligence accuse Israel of "fuelling insurrection", selling arms and "appropriating" African resources.

Spy Cables

Cables reveal S Africa at odds with allies on al-Qaeda

Flood of missives from foreign agencies warn of al-Qaeda peril to country, but its own spies see little direct threat.

Spy Cables

'Ex-Israeli agents' threatened cyber attack on S Africa

Leaked secret report describes cyber threat from 'former Mossad spies' demanding an end to Boycott Israel campaign.

Spy Cables

Spy cables: Israel airline used as intelligence 'front'

Leaked documents reveal South Africa challenged Mossad over alleged clandestine security operations under El Al cover.

Spy Cables

Spy Cables: Greenpeace among intelligence targets

Numerous politicised spy requests sent to Pretoria, seeking information on 'rogue NGOs', politicians and exile groups.


Mossad contradicted Netanyahu on Iran nuclear programme

Spy Cables reveal Mossad concluded that Iran was not producing nuclear weapons, after PM sounded alarm at UN in 2012.


Spy Cables expose 'desperate' US approach to Hamas

Leaked documents also show Mossad lobbying South Africa against Goldstone Report, claiming Abbas shared their stance.


Cables describe British attempt to recruit N Korean spy

Leaked intelligence document shows MI6 asked South Africa for help in recruiting a North Korean informant.


Spy Cables: South African spies wary of Iran operations

Leaked documents describe Tehran working to counter sanctions by using front companies and official channels.

US & Canada

A brief history of failed US rescue bids

Time and again special forces have tried to bring back hostages safely but often the missions have been unsuccessful.


UN approves Sri Lanka war crimes inquiry

Human Rights Council authorises international criminal probe of alleged atrocities during civil war that ended in 2009.


UN considers probe into Sri Lanka atrocities

Rights body debates report on alleged war crimes, with resolution calling for international investigation.