Philip Heijmans


Czech Republic: A dangerous gambling addiction

Little-regulated gambling industry afflicts significant part of Czech population, with few treatment and care options.

Arts & Culture

Myanmar's dazzling and dangerous festival of lights

The fireworks festival celebrating end of rains, often rains fire down onto jubilant crowds.


Suu Kyi's party wins majority in historic Myanmar vote

Nobel laureate's party captures two-thirds majority - enough seats to choose the country's next president.


The corruption of Myanmar's jade trade

New report identifies key players in the industry who have obtained $31bn worth of the precious gem over the last year.

Human Rights

Myanmar criticised for excluding Rohingyas from census

Rights groups slam government and UN for not recognising the ethnic group in first nationwide census in 30 years.

War & Conflict

Myanmar government and rebels agree on ceasefire draft

Agreement signed by President Thein Sein and 16 ethnic groups comes after more than a year of intense talks.


Report: Myanmar officials conspired to steal land

Group accuses government and military officials of grabbing land from ethnic minorities under guise of privatisation.

Business & Economy

UN: Opium harvests soaring in Southeast Asia

Regional increase in demand for opium and heroin triggers a resurgence of production and threatens development.


Are Myanmar's reforms backsliding?

Critics say the government is going full-steam ahead on economic recovery at the expense of human rights.


Myanmar journalists caught up in crackdown

Five Myanmar journalists were recently sentenced to ten years in prison, a move decried by rights groups.


Strangled by traffic in Yangon

An influx of cars and a lack of ideas have choked the city streets of Myanmar's booming former capital.

Business & Economy

Myanmar linking up to digital world

Pact with telecommunications providers kicks off plan to make mobiles widely available within five years.