Phil Rees

Phil Rees is investigations manager at al Jazeera's Investigative Unit. He has produced or reported over 60 documentaries and won over a dozen international awards.


Myanmar's 'Muslim-free' election

Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi "purged" opposition of Muslims ahead of election, senior party member tells Al Jazeera.


Are Myanmar secret agents still playing 'dirty tricks'?

Al Jazeera investigates whether crushing dissent and monitoring the opposition has continued after military rule.

War & Conflict

The testimony of Hani Mujahid

Conspiracy or plausible deniability?

Spy Cables

The echo chamber: the politics of intelligence

Analysis: Leaked cables reveal spies often share 'intelligence' that furthers national interest rather over facts.

Spy Cables

The car-jacking and the friendly Moroccan ambassador

South Africa's intelligence officer is summoned to meet a slightly 'paranoid' spymaster in Morocco.


Egypt-Israel 'peace dividends' enrich elite

Egyptian and Israeli business tycoons used their countries' close relations after the peace treaty to enrich themselves.