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'We are the Mau Mau': Kenyans share stories of torture

Kenyans who were arrested, beaten and tortured by the British during the fight for independence share their stories.


Burundi today, after a year of unrest

A photographic journey through a year of unrest, brutality and repression in a country in crisis.

War & Conflict

A refugee journey: All they left behind

Refugees abandon their possessions en-route to safe-haven, as they flee danger in rush to catch boats, trains and buses.

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Grenade attacks rock Burundi

Protests have been repressed since a failed coup attempt, and the country is now gripped by a spate of grenade attacks.

Human Rights

Child labour traps DR Congo kids in cycle of poverty

Chronic underdevelopment and instability deprive children in DR Congo of an education, and a chance to beat poverty.


Taking to the streets in Burundi

Sitting president's decision to seek third term prompts public protests and police crackdown, resulting in deaths.


In Pictures: DR Congo's deadly volcano

Mount Nyiragongo is reopening to the public, allowing visitors to climb the peak and see the world's biggest lava lake.

Arts & Culture

In Pictures: DR Congo's dance battles

Salaam Kivu International Film Festival gives the people of war-weary eastern DR Congo a chance to forget their misery.

Human Rights

In Pictures: Somalis exiled from Nairobi

Al Jazeera follows the forced removal of Somali nationals from the Kenyan capital to the country's arid north.

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In Pictures: Challenging 'diaper mentality'

Activists took to Nairobi's streets to protest Kenya's political immaturity, but the rally was soon put to bed.

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In Pictures: Displaced in South Sudan

People fleeing ongoing fighting suffer from poor water quality and a lack of food.

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Death of Mamadou: DRC's warrior leader

Colonel Mamadou Ndala, who led the fight against M23 rebels in DR Congo, was killed on January 2.