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Is Pakistani film experiencing a revival?

The fortunes of Pakistani film have been tied up with its neighbour's film industry, Bollywood, but can it go it alone?


Are the Chinese insatiable romantics?

A look at the rise and popularity of Chinese romantic comedies.


Zombies: The film genre that won't die

Is the 21st-century zombie a projection of what we fear the pressures of modern life are turning us into?

Arts & Culture

Traumedy in times of crisis

How a film genre is giving a particular spin to reality.

Arts & Culture

Arabian Nights: A trilogy about austerity-hit Portugal

Filmmaker Miguel Gomes on whether film can help Europe's downtrodden in an age of austerity.


Ten Years: The film that irked China's Communist party

The film won top prize at Hong Kong's film awards but disappeared with suspicious haste from cinemas.

Arts & Culture

Superheroes take over Hollywood

An "extended universe" of infinite, connected films has become primary strategy of Hollywood studios.


Taking cinema to the pulpit: Brazil's evangelical film

The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God makes its first attempt to break into cinema with Os Dez Mandamentos.

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Toothless tigers: Can a film please China and the West?

With the Chinese box office market soon to become world's biggest, filmmakers are getting lost in uncharted territory.

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'The Impossible' is oblivious to the sea-change in mainstream global cinema

Films like Bayona's latest may see more global success if they cater to a more global audience.