Peter Lykke Lind

Humanitarian crises

South Sudan: 'There are only dead bodies'

South Sudanese who have fled to Uganda - escaping rape, murder, assault and torture - share their stories.

Poverty & Development

The bitter taste of Madagascar vanilla

In the world's top vanilla exporting country farmers live in poverty and constant fear of losing their crop to theft.


Cape Town slave descendants share stories of strength

An exhibit on South Africa's history of slavery helps a new generation understand their heritage.


ANC icons demand Jacob Zuma's resignation ahead of vote

Can Zuma hang on to power with looming vote of no confidence and a fractured ANC?

In Pictures

Coiffeurs and khat offer welcome escape in Madagascar

Life is a struggle for many in Madagascar, and streetside coiffeurs offer an escape, a place to chat and relax.

Human Rights

Can Bolivia's new measures counteract gender violence?

Bolivia has one of the highest rates of gender violence, with nine in 10 women experiencing it in their lifetime.