Norma Costello

Human Rights

Mass graves in Ireland: A long history of Church abuse

When infant remains were found in a former home for unwed mothers last month, it didn't come as a surprise to everyone.

Middle East

What draws foreign fighters to Iraq and Syria?

While some are motivated by a genuine desire to help, others have come seeking personal glory, fighters say.

War & Conflict

Confessions of a former US Air Force drone technician

Ex-serviceman who built communications infrastructure for US drone programme in Afghanistan speaks out against it.


Black Lives Matter and the 'Irish slave' myth

Are memes calling the Irish "the first slaves" an attempt to derail conversations about slavery and modern-day racism?


Survivors remember Ireland's Magdalene laundries

Women incarcerated in Catholic Church-run institutions and forced to work for free remember those who died in them.

Human Rights

Irish women sawn open during childbirth seek justice

Victims of the brutal practice of symphysiotomy share their stories and question the government's redress scheme.