Nina Lakhani

International Women's Day

El Salvador: Maria Teresa Rivera jailed and freed

After serving four years for foeticide, Maria Teresa Rivera was freed. But a new appeal wants to send her back to jail.


Salvadorans flee danger, but find more of it in Mexico

Migrants from El Salvador face robbery, rape, and deportation as they try to cross Mexico to the United States.


Guatemala: Can a vote defeat entrenched corruption?

Despite jubilation at dozens of political resignations and arrests in recent months, voters demand fundamental reforms.


People-power and the 'Guatemalan Spring'

Fed up young people using social media have galvanised Guatemalans angry at corruption - and helped oust a president.

Human Rights

LGBT in El Salvador: Beatings, intolerance, death

In a country with soaring murder rates, the LGBT community is often a target.

Human Rights

An American sanctuary ends for Salvadoran general

Ruling to deport General Vides could signal warning for human rights violators enjoying sanctuary on American soil.


Trying to end gang bloodshed in El Salvador

New 'Safe El Salvador' plan offers a soft approach to tackling gang violence in the most deadly country in the world.

Latin America

Nicaragua's staggering child-sex abuse rates

Latin American nation of six million has one of the highest rates of sexual violence against girls in the world.


Mexico promises justice for unsolved murders

A hunger strike that lasted over two weeks prompted Mexico to pursue the murderers of two human rights activists.


Analysis: El Salvador's post-poll challenges

Commentators say the main challenge for the new government is to reduce deep political divisions within the population.

US & Canada

The Casa de Migrantes: A light in the dark

One Mexican safe house provides refuge for some of the most vulnerable victims of traffickers and desperate migrants.


Honduras dam project shadowed by violence

A proposed hydroelectric dam in Rio Blanco has pitted the locals against the police and a private security force.