Nikolia Apostolou


Why are so many young Greeks turning to farming?

Eight years into an economic crisis, a shortage of jobs is leading many young Greeks to turn to the land.


On Dimitris Christoulas: 'He is a part of history now'

Christoulas's daughter says her father's suicide has become a symbol of the devastating effects of austerity in Greece.


Muslims in Athens prepare for the city's first mosque

Muslims in Greece hope that despite protests by the far-right, the government will stick to its plan to build a mosque.


Greece: the fishermen of Lesbos saving refugee lives

After witnessing "women and children in the water screaming for help, many people's world view changed".


After Brexit, could there be Grexit?

Greeks watch closely as Britain votes to leave the EU and contemplate their own future in the union.

Rio 2016

Greek athletes struggle to make it to the Rio Olympics

With no funding and inadequate training facilities, Greek athletes are feeling the burden of the economic crisis.


Magazine: Greece through the eyes of the homeless

A homeless woman was given a camera and asked to document life on the streets of Athens.


Magazine: A message from the shipyards of Greece

They once worked two or three shifts a day, but Greek shipyard workers are now lucky if they get 30 shifts a year.