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The Kurils: A difficult life on the disputed islands

Locals say life is tough and development slow as Russian and Japanese leaders fail to come to agreement over dispute.


In Pictures: Crackdown on China's 'Sin City'

Authorities in Dongguan city have attempted to eradicate the world's oldest profession, but it still survives.

War & Conflict

In Pictures: The Beslan massacre, 10 years on

The deadliest terror attack in modern Russia's history led to the deaths of 334 hostages, more than half children.


In Pictures: Hong Kong protests

Hong Kong’s annual democracy protest: biggest in recent years


South Ossetia holds polls amid slow recovery

Georgia's breakaway region, ravaged by war in 2008, is more stable now but continues to suffer economically.

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In Pictures: Russia's decaying villages

Thousands of villages have a population of less than ten people, and many more lack adequate infrastructure.

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In Pictures: China's Guizhou Province

Despite rapid growth, the historically poor region continues to struggle with underdevelopment and emigration.

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In Pictures: China's Yao community

Women from the Yao ethnic minority in China's south cut their dark hair only once in a lifetime.

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In Pictures: Welcoming the year of the horse

From contemplative prayer to eye-popping fireworks, celebrations marking Chinese New Year are always spectacular.

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In Pictures: China's annual human migration

Some 3.5 billion journeys will be made by people returning from cities to their hometowns to celebrate the new year.


Inside China's troubled far west

Ethnic Uighurs say they face economic difficulties and worry their culture will be wiped out by assimilation.

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In Pictures: Myanmar's neck ring women

Among the Kayan tribe the ancient custom of wearing neck rings for life is on the decline.