Neha Tara Mehta

Neha Tara Mehta is a freelance news producer at Al Jazeera English in Delhi. Previously, she has worked at the network’s New York and UN bureaus, as well as the show 'Empire'. She has also worked on the digital team of Public Affairs Television. Besides India and America, she has reported from Italy, Pakistan and Australia.

Human Rights

The slow road to justice for India's rape victims

Despite promises to fast-track rape cases, many victims and survivors in India must wait years for a glimpse of justice.

North-east India

Indian court tackles extrajudicial killings in Manipur

After decades of disappearances and deaths, recent ruling in insurgency-affected eastern state raises hope for justice.


Kashmir: Why are young people protesting?

Al Jazeera visits Srinagar to find out why Indian-administered Kashmir is witnessing its worst violence in years.


Devastating drought in India's Marathwada

A heat wave is searing western India with hundreds of millions of people affected by water shortages.


Bhutan's children get their own parliament

The parliament and school democracy clubs help the younger generation understand the inner workings of a democracy.

Humanitarian crises

Rohingya migrant recounts escape to India

Mohammad Kareem, from Myanmar's Rakhine state, wants to trace his family and bring everyone to a place of safety.