Natasha Ghoneim

Middle East

Millions of Yemenis face hunger during Ramadan

At least 17 million people face food shortages in what the UN calls 'the world's largest humanitarian crisis'.


S Africa: What next for rhinos after lifting of horns trade ban?

The heavyweight animals are critically endangered in many parts of Africa. The largest population is in South Africa where an eight-year-old sales ban on rhino horn has recently been lifted.


South Africa struggles to educate disabled children

South Africa's government estimates that more than 600,000 disabled children are not getting an education because of inadequate resources and the stigma surrounding their condition. Experts say the disability is often viewed as a curse.


'Racial segregation continues' in South African universities

Twenty-six years after the end of apartheid in South Africa, black students believe university campuses are still effectively segregated.


Making history in South Africa

Two black riders join elite team working with performance horses connected to tradition dating back to 15th-century Europe.


Breaking 'the curse' of disabled children in South Africa

The government estimates as many as 600,000 children with disabilities are not getting an education.

Middle East

NGO tries to save Lebanon's diverse architectural heritage

At various points in history, Lebanon has been ruled by the Romans, Ottomans, the French and the Arabs. All have left a rich diversity of architecture. But preservationists say cultural heritage is being destroyed to make way for skyscrapers.


'Afghan Star' back on TV after Taliban attack

After an attack by the Taliban, which killed six members of its production team last year, Afghanistan's most popular television show is back on the air amid tight security.

Middle East

Kurdish family demands justice in Turkey's Diyarbakir

One Kurdish family is speaking out more than a year after their daughter was allegedly killed by Turkish sniper fire.

Middle East

Turkish Kurds mourn losses since ceasefire collapse

Hundreds of people have been killed in southeastern Turkey since 2015, when a ceasefire collapsed between the Kurdistan Workers' Party, or PKK, and the Turkish government. The PKK feels Kurds have been persecuted by the government for decades.

Middle East

Syria's war widows receive job training

About 100 women in Idlib, many of them widows, are receiving job training from a non-profit group called the Massarat organisation.

Middle East

Syria’s war : Forced evacuations begin in Al Waer

Residents and fighters from the last remaining rebel stronghold in the Syrian city of Homs are facing a life or death choice. They are expected to leave their homes in Al Waer neighbourhood as part of an evacuation deal with the government.