Mya Guarnieri

Middle East

How does Israel stop Palestinians from protesting?

Rights groups say Israel resorts to 'preventive arrests' to quell Palestinian protests inside the Green Line.


Israel cracks down on anti-war protesters

More than 1,000 Palestinian citizens of Israel have been arrested since Israel's Gaza offensive began in early July.

Middle East

Palestinians will not 'raise a white flag'

Observers say a third Intifada looms, but in the town at the heart of the 1987 uprising, residents remain dubious.


Analysis: UN status no panacea for Palestine

A year after being granted UN observer status, the PLO seems no closer to a peace deal with Israel.


Unruly building engulfs East Jerusalem life

Lacking services and oversight, Palestinian areas suffer from straining infrastructure and quality of life.


Demolition fears haunt Israeli neighbourhoods

Residents of Kiryat Menachem and Ir Ganim say plans for high-rises to replace old homes pave way for gentrification.


Israelis react to rocket attacks from Gaza

Many in the south support "Operation Pillar of Defence" but they doubt Israel's campaign will bring long-term peace.


Israeli policy splits Palestinian families

Parents, children, and lovers in the West Bank and Gaza are torn apart by Israel's strict 'separation policy'.


Israelis fight over neighbourhood's soul

Inroads in West Jerusalem's Kiryat Yovel by ultra-Orthodox Jews seeking to impose their ways are alarming the secular.


Israeli settlers lured by subsidies

Jewish migrants flock to the occupied West Bank as more Palestinians and Bedouin are evicted from their homes.


Language becomes a political weapon in Israel

A plan to downgrade Arabic's status as an official language underscores broader tensions within Israel.


Israeli town rallies against African refugees

Eilat is home to thousands of refugees and their lives in the small town are often marred by open hostility.