Motez Bishara

Saudi Arabia

Rio 2016: Saudi runner aims to break barriers

Marathoner Sarah Attar has inspired other women in Saudi Arabia to take up running as a serious sport.

Rio 2016

Rio 2016: Bittersweet Olympic dream for Kuwaiti swimmer

With Kuwait banned by the IOC, Faye Sultan will participate alongside other displaced athletes at the Rio Games.

Middle East

Provocative Kuwaiti artist enjoys bright homecoming

Kuwaiti artist Shurooq Amin has returned home four years after a ban on a previous show labelled as "anti-Islamic".

Middle East

Life after Egypt for Bassem Youssef: Deflect hecklers

For Egyptian political satirist Bassem Youssef, deflecting hecklers is part of his routine.

Middle East

Artists come together for Reuse festival in Kuwait

The annual festival, built around an ethos of sustainability, was founded by Kuwaiti recording artist Zahed Sultan.

Arts & Culture

Exploring the Arab world's challenges through film

Two recent festivals granted valuable exposure to Arab film-makers, delving into issues of migration, exile and gender.

Arts & Culture

Art auction records shattered in London

Prized works by new and old sell for record sums at recent Christie's and Sotheby's auctions in the UK.

Arts & Culture

Silence falls on London's recording studios

Historic UK studio used by Bob Marley, Led Zeppelin and Bono is being torn down and turned into luxury flats.

Arts & Culture

Bid to unravel 'bad Arab' cliche

Hollywood stereotypes tend to portray Middle Eastern characters in negative light.


Arab films at Cannes tackle taboos

Two contrasting films from the Arab world - an eye-opening documentary about teenage street life in Cairo and the first ever Saudi Arabian feature fil


No Yemen film for Jerusalem festival

Two Yemeni filmmakers behind the critically acclaimed A New Day in Old Sanaa have withdrawn their film from the Jerusalem Film Festival for fear of a political backlash.


Dubai honours Arab film icon

The Dubai Film Festival has honoured two figures who have made extraordinary contributions to Arab cinematic history.