Mohammed Khan


Unveiling French hypocrisy

Forcing women to uncover their faces will not create some form of 'moderate Islam' but it does unveil French bigotry.


A Middle East without borders?

The nation state is ripe for change and people power offers new opportunities for mapping the future of the region.


The project for a new Arab century

The birth pangs of a new Middle East are being felt, but not in the way many outsiders envisioned.


Who's afraid of the Muslim Brothers

Western fears of 'Islamism' have been aided by Arab autocrats seeking to prolong their iron-fisted rule.


A tale of two protests

The subdued US reaction to events in Egypt sits in sharp contrast to its previous support for Iranian protesters.


Tunisia's tide of defiance

As revolutionary zeal engulfs the region, the people must be on their guard against the forces seeking to smother it.