Michael Penn

Arts & Culture

French architect Le Corbusier's foray into the Far East

Built in 1959, Tokyo's National Museum of Western Art received World Heritage designation last summer.

US Elections 2016

The view from Japan: 'I think Trump would be dangerous'

"Although perhaps more to America itself than towards other countries."


Japan election: Parties struggle to engage voters

Sunday's vote for upper house seats has the ruling Liberal Democrats eyeing major gains.


Japan's opposition regroups to protect constitution

New Democratic Party wants to save Japan from one of the "deepest crises of democracy it has faced in 70 years".


Japan embraces Muslim visitors to bolster tourism

Japanese entrepreneurs see lucrative opportunities in attracting Muslim tourists.

Arts & Culture

Japan's newest and largest mosque opens its doors

The Ahmadi Muslim community in Japan hopes its new mosque will promote intercultural understanding and dialogue.


Voices of Okinawa: Standing against a US military base

Japanese protesters invoke human rights abuse and painful memories of war to oppose US Marine airbase on their island.


Japan: Taking to the streets to combat militarism

After decades of pacifism since WWII, conservative government now wants the military to be able to fight overseas.

Asia Pacific

Q&A: Former Japanese PM blasts US base on Okinawa

Government must listen to its people insisting on no new American Marine base on the island, Yukio Hatoyama says.


Okinawa governor orders halt on US airbase construction

Takeshi Onaga asks Japan's central government to suspend work on the contentious airbase, citing environmental concerns.

Human Rights

Japan's 'comfort women' battle spills into the US

Attempts to revise war-time history of sex slavery result in a backlash and more criticism.


Japanese hostage 'not enemy of Muslims'

Mother of Kenji Goto, being held by ISIL, pleads for his life, as deadline for payment of $200 million ransom looms.