Massoud Hayoun

Massoud Hayoun is a Los Angeles-based freelance reporter for Al Jazeera and other outlets. He speaks several languages, and has reported internationally for Al Jazeera America, The Atlantic, AFP and South China Morning Post, among others. 


Mexican LA: History, culture and resistance

Los Angeles continues to serve as a representative of Mexican culture and heritage in a "hidden gem" known as the Campo.

United States

The struggle against America's racist death row

Campaigners are facing mixed fortunes in their battle to end capital punishment in the US.

Human Rights

Undocumented Asian Americans struggle in silence

While other undocumented communities are growing more vocal, undocumented Asian and Pacific Islanders face stigma.

Human Rights

American women share the stories of their abortions

In states where a series of bills aim to restrict access to the procedure, women are speaking out.

Human Rights

Arab Americans lead the charge for US civil liberties

Arab American activists are not only organising across faith and colour lines in the US, but beyond its borders.


Donald Trump's Wall: The human factor

Uncertainty over the future abounds for many on either side of the border including migrants and local business owners


Who is really paying for Donald Trump's border wall?

Beyond the sensationalism over who will pay for the wall many are already paying dearly - on both sides of the border.

Science & Technology

Tech Stands Up: Silicon Valley rally held against Trump

Tech workers protest against what they call the discriminatory policymaking of US President Donald Trump.

Human Rights

The cost of Trump's wall for migrants

Haitian migrants trying to reach the US say Mexico has offered them what the US will not: refuge.


How Trump's wall is affecting those at the borders

The first in a series travelling along the US-Mexico border, talking to those who might be affected by Trump's wall.

Human Rights

US: Remembering Japanese internment camps 75 years on

A camp survivor and the granddaughter of interned Japanese Americans take a journey through family and national history.

Human Rights

What happens during a deportation raid in the US?

Activists and undocumented people describe the chaos and terror of predawn deportation raids taking place across the US.