Martin Armstrong

War & Conflict

Syrian regime seeks symbolic victory in Palmyra

Analysis: Wrestling control of ancient city from ISIL would allow government to portray itself as 'defender' of culture.

Humanitarian crises

Palestinians protest against UNRWA cuts in Lebanon

Palestinian refugees vow to continue protests against UN healthcare cuts as dire conditions in Ain al-Hilweh get worse.


Palestinians protest changes to UNRWA health policy

Many fear there will be cuts to badly needed services, but the UN agency says these concerns are unfounded.

Arts & Culture

How does it feel to be a refugee?

On exploring the refugee experience through theatre.

Business & Economy

Protesters reclaim public space in Beirut

Lebanon's protest movement has reconnected people with downtown Beirut's cosmopolitan past, activists say.


Billion-dollar gas deals hang on Lebanon power balance

Fears of corruption will not stop the exploration of potentially vast - and vastly lucrative - offshore resources.

Poverty & Development

Tunisia's smuggling trade poses security risk

Tunisia is concerned about the effects of smuggling on the country's economy and security.

War & Conflict

Islamic State strengthens control in Syria

The seizure of the Tabqa airbase highlights the Islamic State's consolidation of power in eastern Syria, analysts say.

War & Conflict

Islamic State battles for Syria's oil wealth

Fighting has escalated between the group and Syrian regime over the Shaar gas fields in the resource-rich Homs province.