Maher Sattar


Waiting for unfulfilled promises in Bangladesh-India enclaves

A year after Bangladesh and India swapped enclaves they held inside each others borders, many residents are still waiting for promises to be kept.


Bangladesh honours 1971 war victims

The Bangladeshi government has observed its first Genocide Day, marking the anniversary of a crackdown on civilians by Pakistani forces in 1971.


Religious self-censorship hits Bangladesh book fair

Every year, thousands of book lovers from across Bangladesh converge on the capital for the Ekushey Book Fair, one of the country's biggest cultural events.

Poverty & Development

Bangladesh revamps Dhaka slum after massive fire

Improved electrical wiring is being installed and new roads built in the aftermath of a blaze that damaged 500 homes.


Rohingya camps in Bangladesh and Thailand, worlds apart

Differences in how the two countries have treated the persecuted Rohingya could not be more stark.


Rohingya refugees from Myanmar tell of trauma

Some hid in rice fields, others ate only leaves while making the long journey by foot across the border into Bangladesh.


Bangkok cleans up its act

City once notorious globally for its thick blanket of smog now outperforms San Francisco, Melbourne, Paris and Berlin.


Thais flock to Grand Palace to pay respects to late king

Thousands of black-clad mourners visit revered King Bhumibol Adulayadej's coffin in the Grand Palace.


Could Duterte take a leaf out of Thailand's drugs playbook?

While Philippines kills drug dealers en masse, Thailand takes a step back from its own bruising war on drugs.


Is Bangkok safe? It depends who you're asking

Thai capital's low ranking in a survey for "expat safety" says more about the entitlement of the judges than reality.


My close call with Dengue

After a year of record-breaking dengue infections, Thailand is bracing for worse in 2016.


Thailand tackles its 'Seven Deadly Days'

The Thai government is trying to secure some of the world’s deadliest roads, but faces an uphill battle.