Lucia Newman

"Lucia Newman, based in Buenos Aires, is Al Jazeera's Latin America editor. She has 25 years of experience in television and journalism.

A recipient of many awards in journalism, in 2001 Lucia picked up the prestigious Edward R. Morrow Award for ""sustained coverage of Elian Gonzalez"", the child at the centre of a heated custody and immigration battle in 2000 involving the Cuban and US governments."

Latin America

Brazil corruption probe sends shivers across Latin America

Brazil's Supreme Court has ordered an investigation into 74 new politicians, including a third of current President Michel Temer's cabinet.

Latin America

Colombia: Investigation begins for Mocoa disaster

It's been a week since a devastating landslide killed more than 300 people in the Colombian city of Mocoa.

Latin America

French Guiana protesters reject $1.2bn assistance offer

The French minister for overseas territories has travelled to French Guiana to negotiate with union and civil society leaders. Protesters have rejected a $1.2bn assistance offer, saying it will not be enough to deal with the region's problems.

Latin America

French Guiana paralysed by nationwide strike

A nationwide strike in French Guiana has led to the mass closure of shops, schools and roads for over a week. More than 30 labour unions are supporting protests against high crime rates, cost of living and poor public services.


On board the Rainbow Warrior

Lucia Newman is on board Greenpeace's ship to observe their latest campaign, 'Save the Seas At the End of the World'.


Chile salmon: Too delicious to be true?

The Chilean salmon industry has become synonymous with massive use of toxic chemicals used in overcrowded fish farms that destroy the ocean's eco-system.

Latin America

Save the seas: Greenpeace campaigns to protect Chilean marine life

Greenpeace has staged a flash demonstration on the southernmost tip of South America. It's part of a new campaign to protect the seas off Chile. Salmon farming and mining are damaging the delicate environment.

Latin America

Activists raise alarm on toxic fish farming in Chile

Greenpeace is warning of an environmental disaster in Chile. It says the mass production of salmon and overuse of antibiotics in fish farms is to blame.

Latin America

TPP members look to redesign trade deal

Talks are under way in Chile to try to revive the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade deal. President Donald Trump pulled the US out of the pact in January, but now the 11 remaining countries are trying to forge a new way forward.

Latin America

Chile builds new hub for world's largest telescope

Northern Chile is fast becoming the astronomical eyes of the world. And now an enormous astronomical centre that will house the world's largest telescope is under construction in the Atacama Desert.

Latin America

US deportations fuel fears of gang violence in El Salvador

Salvadorans are worried that the threat of deportations by the US will see an influx of criminals into the impoverished Central American country.

Latin America

Former Haitian President Preval dies aged 74

Rene Preval, the only Haitian president to serve two full terms without being jailed, exiled or killed, has died at the age of 74. He led the nation through the devastating 2010 earthquake.