Lucia Newman

"Lucia Newman, based in Buenos Aires, is Al Jazeera's Latin America editor. She has 25 years of experience in television and journalism.

A recipient of many awards in journalism, in 2001 Lucia picked up the prestigious Edward R. Morrow Award for ""sustained coverage of Elian Gonzalez"", the child at the centre of a heated custody and immigration battle in 2000 involving the Cuban and US governments."

Latin America

Mexicans turn ancestors’ craft into artworks

Brightly coloured folk art crafted in a remote Mexican town can sell for thousands of dollars.

Latin America

Chile's penguin colonies disappear as global temperature rises

Penguin colonies in parts of South America are starting to disappear as global temperatures rise and extreme weather destroys habitats. Chile's Magellan region is the most affected. Al Jazeera’s Lucia Newman reports from Isla Magdalena, Chile.

Latin America

Mexico: Outrage grows over record murder rate

The country registered more than 2,000 murders in May, a record high for any month since 1997, underlining Mexico's struggles to deal with the illegal narcotics trade.

Latin America

Mexican government accused of ‘spying’

Mexico is investigating allegations of online spying against prominent journalists and activists. President Enrique Pena Nieto has denied involvement, saying that spying software is only used against suspected criminals.

Latin America

Venezuela crisis: Regional summit fails to agree on resolution

Members of Venezuela's opposition have protested at the summit of the Organisation of American States in Mexico, saying that not enough members were ready to call for action against the Venezuelan government over the country’s economic crisis.

Latin America

Venezuela faces increased regional pressure to end crisis

Venezuela is facing mounting pressure from the Organization of American States to implement serious reforms to end one of its largest political and economic crises in history.

Latin America

Fear rises over Trump's vow to reverse Obama's Cuba policies

US President Donald Trump has rolled back some of the Cuban diplomatic policies initiated by his predecessor Barack Obama that revived relations.

Latin America

Disappointment in Cuba over US policy reversal

Hardline Cuban Americans may applaud President Trump's new restrictions on Cuba travel and trade. But most Cubans are disappointed. The large number of American visitors over the past two years had improved many people's livelihoods.

Latin America

Panama: Former ruler Manuel Noriega dies

Manuel Noriega, Panama's former ruler, has died aged 83, Panama's President, Juan Carlos Varela, announced on Twitter.

Latin America

Brazilians boycott JBS meat products

Meat company executives accused of corruption in Brazil escaped prison sentences in exchange for testimony which implicates the president. Michel Temer is now struggling for his political survival.

Asia Pacific

Myanmar set for peace talks with rebel groups

Peace talks aimed at ending Myanmar's numerous long-running ethnic conflicts are due to get under way in the country's capital on Wednesday. The leaders of a number of armed groups have arrived in Naypyidaw.

Latin America

Brazilians display red masks in symbolic anti-corruption protest

In an unusual demonstration, Brazilians are protesting corruption by displaying red masks on a lawn facing Congress and the presidential palace.