Larbi Sadiki

Larbi Sadiki is an academic at Qatar University where he teaches international affairs. He is author of Rethinking Arab Democratization published by Oxford in 2009 and 2011 and is editor of the Routledge Handbook of the Arab Spring which was recessed in 2015.

Middle East

Why is Tunisia's Ennahda ditching political Islam?

Several months of internal debates have come to full fruition for the reformists within the party.


Tunisia: A revolution besieged by ISIL

Addressing the socio-economic question is crucial to Tunisia's long and arduous battle against ISIL terrorism.


Analysis: A second Nobel for the Arab Spring

The example set by Tunisia's National Dialogue Quartet could benefit Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Yemen, and Syria.


Tunisia is sacrificing its democracy for safety

Tunisia's new anti-terrorism law represents bad lawmaking and could demote rather than promote democratisation.

War & Conflict

Tunisia's misguided declaration of war

Tunisia president's hasty response to beach attack casts doubt on the government's ability to fight terrorism.


A turning point in Tunisia

The last thing jihadists want for Tunisia is for democracy to triumph.

War & Conflict

Jordan's King Abdullah flying high

Has Jordan's king yielded to populist impulses as a public relations move to boost his standing?


'Bajbouj': Old leader, new Tunisia

Tunisia's next president will hail from the urban bourgeoisie and he'll have a modernist outlook.


Tunisia's political parties and the shared vision

Common goals unite the Islamists and their secularist adversaries in Tunisia.


Huntington in the Middle East

There is an escalating clash within the abode of Islam.


Can Israel be stopped?

New geopolitical realities have cleared the way for the ongoing Israeli offensive against Gaza.


Tunisia's democratisation taking off

Tunisia's constitution and electoral law have laid a solid foundation for the long process of democratisation.