Lara Fatah

War & Conflict

Is ISIL on the back foot in Iraq?

Despite challenges to the military campaign against ISIL, analysts are confident that victory is imminent.

War & Conflict

Why Syria's Kurds want federalism, and who opposes it

Analysis: The latest Syrian Kurdish move toward cementing autonomy comes as no surprise - but how far will it go?

War & Conflict

Analysis: Is Sinjar the new Kobane?

Much like Kobane before it, the town in northern Iraq was pitted as the decisive battle in the war against ISIL.

Arts & Culture

Sulaimania and all that jazz

The proprietor of the first jazz bar in Iraq's Kurdish region is confident about his prospects, despite the ongoing war.

Middle East

Analysis: The Kurds take Kirkuk, now what?

Debate rages on whether the Kurds are fighting for Iraq or fighting for a piece of it.


Fall of Mosul: What's at stake for the Kurds?

Emboldened Iraqi Kurds may find momentum for greater gains on the back of ISIL's rapid expansion in Iraq.

Middle East

Infographic: Iraqis displaced from Anbar

More than 66,000 Iraqi families have been displaced by fighting that first broke out in December 2013 in Anbar province.

Middle East

Unravelling culture in Iraq's Kurdish region

Weaving and handicrafts are being re-taught to a younger generation of Iraqi Kurds, but not without challenges.