Kingsley Kobo


Burkina Faso: Ghost of 'Africa's Che Guevara'

In the weeks before violent protests, some Burkinabes' thoughts turned to slain leader Thomas Sankara for inspiration.


Q&A: Northern Malians' push for secession

Spokesman for MNLA rebel group tells Al Jazeera people in the north have been marginalised and need autonomy.

Science & Technology

Cracking down on cybercrime in Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast tackles internet fraud scourge, but analysts say criminals continue to outsmart authorities.

Latin America

Snubbing the Elephants of Ivory Coast

National football team's recurring failures have turned rapturous support of local fans cold - even icy at times.


Guinea bears brunt of West Africa Ebola havoc

Guinea companies, expatriates, investors and tourists are fleeing Ebola with no immediate plans of returning.


Ivory Coast struggles with reconciliation

Opposition says reconstruction efforts risk failure without true reconciliation between former warring parties.