Khalid Amayreh


The politics of returning Palestinian remains

Israel accused of withholding remains of Palestinians killed in attacks for political purposes.


Palestinians denounce 'financial blackmail'

The EU's warning of 'donor fatigue' amid peace talks with Israel unleashes a firestorm of criticism.


Israeli Arabs reject proposed land swap

Palestinians and Israel's political progressives unite to condemn plan as "ethnic cleansing".


Kerry faces prisoner's dilemma in Palestine

US Secretary of State John Kerry wants to revive peace talks following Israel's release of some prisoners.


Israel refuses to give dead back to West Bank

Citing security concerns, Israeli officials have refused to hand over Palestinian bodies back to families.


Jews and Muslims to share al-Aqsa Mosque?

Israel braces for reaction to proposed law that would allow Jews to pray in the grounds of Jerusalem's al-Aqsa mosque.


Palestinians risking their lives for a job

West Bankers trying to find work in Israel face prison, injury, and even death.


Cash crunch cripples Palestinian colleges

Massive budget deficits have forced education institutions to cut staff and programmes.


Is a Third Intifada in the offing?

A worsening Palestinian economy, peace process stalemate, and Israeli expansion could lead to new uprising.


What reconciliation? Hamas, Fatah trade blows

Recent events in Egypt have dealt a sharp blow to Palestinian political rapprochement.


The second intifada - an Israeli strategy

Israel's hawkish Chief of Staff Moshe Ya'alon last week lashed out at the Knesset's influential committee on defence and foreign affairs, accusing some members of disclosing "classified army secrets".


Hamas threatens to end Rafah deal

The Hamas-led Palestinian government has threatened to terminate the Rafah border-crossing agreement unless European monitors reopen Gaza's only gateway to the outside world.