Kevin Holden

Human Rights

China's web of torture and its critics

Beijing faces international scrutiny after rights activists point to continued detentions and deaths.

Science & Technology

China's 'Code War' attacks on US internet titans

Online security researchers say Beijing has launched major cyber strikes against American IT giants eyeing its market.

Science & Technology

Controlling the internet China style

While hosting the World Internet Conference, China tries Tiananmen activist for leaking 'state secrets' to US website.

Science & Technology

A glimpse into the universe's oldest galaxies

Astronomers have captured images of primordial galaxies that helped light up the cosmos after the Big Bang.

Science & Technology

China plans world's largest supercollider

Chinese scientists are designing a particle-smashing collider so massive it could encircle a city.


Are Hong Kong protests headed for Tiananmen?

As China reneges on pledged free elections, Tiananmen-style democracy movement spreads out across Hong Kong.

Human Rights

Activists urge China to abolish 'black jails'

China still uses labour camps to silence democracy activists and others it considers malcontents.


Buddha's birthplace brings light to Nepal

Discovery of earliest Buddhist temple in Nepal could transform the country into a 'zone of peace'.


Artist seeks to sculpt a post-Mao China

Wang Keping, a provocative artist critical of China's government, has opened his first solo exhibition in Beijing.


New genetic clues from China's ancient man

Remains of 40,000-year-old Homo sapien help scientists map first human migration routes out of Africa.


Re-discovering China's 'Son of Heaven'

Archaeologists uncover a new trove of terracotta statues, raising more questions about beliefs in the afterlife.


The art of dialogue on China's Uighur issue

Culture, clashes and crackdowns in restive Xinjiang on display at Beijing museum, inciting rare public discourse.