Kevin Doyle

Human Rights

Refugees arrive in Cambodia from Australian detention

First four refugees fly into Phnom Penh after Australia agrees to pay Cambodia $31m in controversial resettlement deal.

War & Conflict

Vietnam today, 40 years after the fall of Saigon

As the country celebrates the end of its war with the US, reconciliation is still a fraught subject at home.

War & Conflict

Four decades after Cambodia's Year Zero

Memories of Khmer Rouge, along with its historical ties to the US and China, fading 40 years after fall of Phnom Penh.


Marking the end of Pol Pot's rule in Cambodia

Invoking Syria and ISIL, Prime Minister Hun Sen warns opposing his party equals supporting the murderous Khmer Rouge.


Families devastated by Cambodia HIV outbreak

Despair, confusion and disbelief runs through small community in northwestern Cambodia hit by surge in HIV infections.


Tests confirm Cambodia HIV mass infection

UNAIDS to join Health Ministry to conduct full epidemiological investigation in affected community in Battambang.


Cambodia under scrutiny over asylum seekers

Persecuted Vietnamese hill tribe people hiding in Cambodian forest raise uncomfortable questions for Phnom Penh.


Cambodians remember the 'Killing Fields'

Victory Day marks the January 7, 1979, liberation by Vietnamese forces, but not all are happy.


Challenging Cambodia's strongman Hun Sen

PM faces first real test of political strength in 16 years as opposition grows increasingly bold.


Myanmar's writing on the wall

Graffiti artists espousing political messages have emerged in Yangon as the winds of change continue to blow.