Katie Arnold

Humanitarian crises

The girls being sold into sex work in Myanmar

As the cycle of debt forces some into sex work, others are finding alternative ways to break the cycle of indebtedness.


Rohingya in Rakhine state suffer government retaliation

Military uses indiscriminate violence in pursuit of Al Yaqeen fighters who demand equal rights for Rohingya Muslims.


Myanmar's Rohingya brace for more attacks in Rakhine

With a new government plan to arm Rakhine Buddhist civilians, Muslim Rohingya in Myanmar fear the worst.

Humanitarian crises

Rakhine in Myanmar's Sittwe tell of renewed attacks

Renewed tension and violence between Myanmar's Rohingya and Rakhine people sound alarm of a start of a new conflict.


Hunting endangered animals in the jungles of Myanmar

We follow a hunter as he goes after endangered leopards, bears and pythons to stock Myanmar's growing medicinal markets.