Julia Wallace


Cambodia's bribe-seeking press corps

Hundreds of the country's reporters eke out a living by finding news - then burying it for a price.

Business & Economy

Cambodia's killer commute

For many female Cambodian garment workers, the most dangerous part of the job is simply getting to work.

US & Canada

How bad is sex trafficking in Cambodia?

The downfall of anti-sex-slavery activist Somaly Mam has led some to question the extent of trafficking.


Khmer Rouge tribunal failing expectations

Tribunal comes up short of its promise to be an example for the domestic courts of Cambodia.


Cambodia protests unmask anti-Vietnam views

Racially charged slogans are sometimes mixed with opposition calls for more democracy and higher wages.


Abuses colour Cambodia's fight for land

Up to a quarter of Cambodia's territory is claimed by private companies, displacing some 400,000 people.

US & Canada

Justice in the dock at Khmer Rouge trials

Prospect of convicting ex-Cambodian officials on serious charges grow dim even as tribunal spends $45m a year.