Joseph Stepansky

Joseph Stepansky is freelance reporter and writer who has covered major breaking news stories across the US, most recently focusing on the 2016 US presidential election and incoming US administration. Previously a staff reporter at the New York Daily News, he reported on cops, crime, and the people caught in between.

Human Rights

Should police interrogations be recorded?

Advocates argue filming police interrogations could save lives and prevent the innocent from being unjustly imprisoned.

United States

Will the US try to send 50,000 people back to Haiti?

After the 2010 earthquake, many Haitians were granted special status in the US. Now their future hangs in the balance.

Donald Trump

What is national concealed carry reciprocity?

If passed, the law would force every town to honour gun laws of the most permissive states for people from those states.

United States

US lawmakers target undocumented student 'sanctuaries'

State lawmakers move to strip funding from universities protecting students against deportation and detention.

Human Rights

Exiled Gambians ponder return to troubled homeland

As Yahya Jammeh's term comes to a close, exiled Gambians reflect on their sorrowful escapes and hopes for a new Gambia.